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Defects management

TopSolutions Quality assurance solutions allows clients to deploy high-quality applications quickly and effectively by providing a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and managing defects and issues.

TopSolutions Quality offers web-based applications for all essential aspects of test management - Requirements Management, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defects Management.

These core modules either can leverage as a standalone solution or integrated within a global Quality Center.

We also enable your organization to digitize specific quality processes and procedures within the larger application lifecycle. With TopSolutions you can enforce quality processes for application changes or new projects.

Using our solutions for quality assurance, multiple groups throughout your organization can contribute to the quality process:

  • Business analysts define application requirements and testing objectives.
  • Test managers and project leads design test plans and develop test cases.
  • Test managers automatically create QA testing requirements and test assets for SOA services and environments.
  • Test automation engineers create automated scripts and store them in the repository.
  • QA testers run manual and automated tests, report execution results, and enter defects.
  • Developers review and fix defects logged into the database.
  • Project managers can export test and resource data in various reports, or in native Microsoft Excel for analysis.
  • Product managers decide whether an application is ready to be released.
  • QA analysts can auto-generate test asset documentation in Microsoft Word format.
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