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Business intelligence systems

To lead with confidence and outpace competitors, you need to make better, faster decisions. TopSolution equips your organization for success by helping you answer more questions, for more people, across more departments.

The increasing scope of BI platforms to include more users and access more data sources will also perpetuate market growth. Traditionally, BI was just for senior executives and analysts, but many enterprises are extending their BI platform capabilities throughout the organization to operational workers and managers.

The scope of BI is also increasing by accessing more sources of information. In most cases, BI platforms deliver information directly from a data warehouse or data mart — specialized data stores developed specifically for the purposes of BI. However, increasingly, BI platforms contain functionality that will access, enhance and disseminate information from a broader array of applications and data sources.

TopSolutions delivers an integrated set of business intelligence software and services that enables you to not only navigate today's challenges, but also capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities.

TopSolutions proposes the BI systems based on the leading vendor's platforms:

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