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Intranet Portal for Pullet Trucks

The intracorporate portal of company PT-Group provides an operative exchange of the financial and administrative information between head office of the company and its branches. At the moment the quantity of branches reaches 60, the quantity of users of a portal reaches 300.

Company Top Solutions has performed following works:

  • Has developed topology of the decision (physical and logic accommodation of servers), in view of such factors, as safety, reliability, controllability, cost of support and others.
  • Has carried out initial installation and adjustment ON.
  • Has trained end users and system administrators in work with ON.
  • Has developed the technical project on additional components of a portal, and also these components.

At the moment company Top Solutions carries out technical support of a corporate portal.

    Condition of the project:

The project is conducted since November of 2003 year. In test operation the system is started in May 2004г, since July of 2004 year the portal is in work.

    Used technologies:

Microsoft SharePoint Team Services 2003

Microsoft .NET 1.1

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