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Project «Basel II – Market Risks»
Investing in risk management IT infrastructure to meet with the Basel II Accord, whilst leveraging this spend to ensure it also addresses shareholder value, has become the central challenge facing financial institutions.

Financial institutions can seek simply to comply with regulatory demands. Alternatively, they can use compliance as a platform for value creation, addressing economic capital as well as regulatory capital concerns.

TopSolutions thus aims to enable banks to integrate the measurement and management of their margins, risks and costs to drive more effective and consistent decision-making whilst more easily meeting regulatory requirements.

The TopSolutions Basel II solution is a complete and integrated Basel II solution that enables banks to efficiently achieve Basel II compliance for all three pillars. It delivers Basel II Analytics, Basel II Data Warehouse, and Basel II Reporting.

Technologies used:

Platform                                      – Fermat

Data mining                                – IBM Data Stage

RDBMS                                      – MS SQL

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